What to talk about during a first Date with a girl

Impress during the first appointment with a girl, can be a difficult task. But if you know what to talk about during the first  appointment, you will see that impressing a love story in just a few minutes can be very easy.

For most men, the most difficult part of a rancard is to know what to talk about during the first appointment with a girl, especially during the first few minutes, when it’s all traffic and hops from foot to foot.

And worse, we are all familiar with the fact that the first few minutes, that’s all it takes for the girl to make an opinion on us!


Life can be easy if you know how to keep things easy.

You don’t need to be a charmer to ensure that your rancard you like if you know how to be nice and soft.

What to talk about during the first appointment with a girl? AT FIRST SIGHT

Be warm

If you meet this person for a first date, or even if you have just been presented, smile. It may do you much good.

It is much more comforting for a girl to be with someone who is not a monster of hell. Made him appreciate the fact that you are with her.

Do not take

You may think that it is cool to use lines picked up or phrases from a seduction novel for the flatter at the beginning or when you have no more things to say, but hold on to your horses.

There are not too many men that have been able to boast of the romance of a fairy tale with a perfect woman, especially when their conversation started with something like, ” If you were a lake, and me a fish, will I be able to live in your water forever?

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What to talk about during the first appointment with a girl? THE FIRST MINUTES

If you’ve ever wondered what to talk about during a first rancard or during the first few minutes after meeting her, here are some tips that you could use. And if you know how to work your language around these simple questions, you could probably have enough to talk about for the entire day. And she will love you and be impressed by you, certainly!

# 1 I’m so happy to see you

So you bump or pull out a chair for her at the time of your first rancard, excellent. The first thing you say after both be ready to talk about is this single line. Talk about how much you’re happy to see it. It’s just a sentence, yes, but one that warms you up for good things to come.

# 2 I love it!

Then, she seems nice. You are afraid of heights and are excited to be with her. So tell him that. “You are good!” is a compliment dull. Go a little further.

Is it her hair? Her dress? Or is it something else that you can mention during your first appointment? In addition, tell him that you appreciate the effort it took to be present. If she is wearing a red dress, you could mention that red is your favourite colour, or something similar. It is enough to improvise.

# 3 On my way

Have you had a long day at work, or were you delayed unexpectedly? Or have you noticed something fascinating on the way to see it ? A glorious sunset that you reminded her beautiful face, perhaps? Talk about something interesting that happened to you on the way.

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Spend a few good minutes to charm and keep the conversation going. And it could also add some details about something interesting they saw on the way.

# 4 How was your day?

Show your interest in his life in the first minutes of rancard in speaking of his day. Not only will it keep the conversation light and friendly, but it can also open up the details on a lot more things you can ask for in a progressive manner. And it would feel nice when she sees that you are very interested in his daily life.

# 5 take a Look around you

You’d probably have a lot of things to tell now, but in case you have not yet been able to find topics of conversation, look around you and talk about something interesting. If you’re in a restaurant, you could talk about why you love the place, an incident that happened there, the mood, or just about anything else.

Similarly, talking about something that has taken your fancy wherever you are, even if you’re not in a restaurant. But never talk about other people being around. It would seem curious and talkative. It is good if you already know well.

# 6 pleasant Memories

Can you remember something interesting or funny? Remember, everything you’re going to talk about during your first appointment must please the young girl, it is much more than blowing your own trumpet and brag about to impress her. Discreetly, of course.

You have not impressed, ok ? So, remember a few incidents as fun as you might tell her, and maybe she may also have something to add. But never let the drawl and again to the front doors, main dish and dessert. No anecdote fascinating should not take more than a minute or two, unless, of course, his eyes were lit like the projectors to a football stadium!

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