The Chef 2022 Review

It was Jean-Luc Godard, who said, probably at the time of filming “run for your life (Life)“, that there is nothing more interesting than filming people at work. And of course, all of the entertainment films in the US are created against this point of view, starting from the eternal principle, but ultimately quite appropriate to capitalism, that it is necessary to entertain the people that work and make them forget the harshness of their lives, they accept their submission: Bread and Games, just.

But of course, Godard, as almost always, was right, and the movies that know how to show the people at work are almost always the most beautiful, we are bringing to us, the spectators, the satisfaction is incomparable to see a work of art testify with respect and sincerity of our efforts, of our talent, but also of our daily struggles.

Philip Barantini, the director of “Boiling Point” (which became “The Chief” in France), to have been part of a brigade of the restaurant, before becoming an actor, and has, quite naturally, wanted to reproduce on the screen the voltage terrible that one can feel when working in a Michelin-starred restaurant, especially on the nights where everything goes wrong, and even more… He realized, two years earlier, a first version of the film, the short format in less than 30 minutes, under the same title and with the same team…

The Chief” is sold to the public, for fear that it turns into a film which does not contain violence, a love story, moments of comedy, riddle complex like a… thriller. And, in fact, this is not such a big lie, because the 92-minute hyper-tense of the film is more anxious, more exciting than a thriller ” ordinary “. And then, finally, the audience will see violence (verbal, but very intense), love stories (which have a tendency to go wrong, and that will probably be wrong), a bit of comedy (the one you played to yourself for surviving at work), and even a kind of riddle that will gradually be resolved before our eyes: but what was the carbide, the famous chief, what is it that consumes him as well?

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So we are on a Friday evening at the end of the year in a well-known restaurant in London, this is the shot, and nothing seems to go well: the Chief arrives late, seems to be on the side of the plate, unable to handle his troops, even if he is doing his best. In the restaurant overbooked, the usual customer’s pests, unbearable (out of the film, you think twice before treating them badly, the staff of your next restaurant), but especially another “head” famous, to the television, which came to dinner with a critical deemed to have the tooth hard. And in the room, in the kitchen, and in the back kitchen, the micro-conflicts and the big problems that are common within a team that works together every day and must face continuously to a multitude of difficult situations. Nothing more? No, nothing more, but it perfectly fills the 92-minute film that takes you by the throat, and don’t you let it go until its conclusion, which is probably a little excessive (this would be the main criticism that we could do to “The Chief“), but perfectly logical.

The Chief” is being filmed in a single sequence (which is where all but a gesture of the filmmaker bright, just perfect evidence), with a hand-held camera shoulder which follows the trajectories constant of the brigade, and it spoils any music to pass the pill, and we dictate what we should feel. “The Chief” is a gesture of cinema excitement, that works perfectly… most of the time: because of course, and this is normal, every viewer will feel more or less engaged in each of the different conflicts, different dramas that are played, his sympathy going to one or the other of the protagonists.

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All the actors are wonderful, and it would be unfair to only celebrate the performance of a Stephen Graham who has been known for a long time, the talent: as in a real restaurant, the quality of the food and the customer experience is subordinated to the excellence of each member of the staff, and “The Chief” – the film may very well be looked at as an illustration “meta” of this essential rule.

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