How to talk gently with the women

But when you have to walk up to a girl in the street, or in your office, you stay here … and watch.

Look at the beautiful view, and fantasise about the moment that you have just lost.

You can imagine the sea, the park, hell … you even imagine under your sheets, and you give birth to your babies. But have you ever tried to approach a girl lately?

That is what makes you feel your tongue and your palms sweaty and your pants wet when you have to go and talk to a girl who is standing near the cafeteria in the office?

If the same person was a guy, you wouldn’t sweat walking and talking. Now, this is the most important thing that you have to understand, that you would be able to talk to the person if it was a guy, but this is not the same thing if this person is a girl!

The fact: speak softly to the men singles

The problem that most men have is ” how do I get the first line opening “. You can always use a pickup line, but at the office or out to a club, there is nothing that makes you seem more common than to use a pickup line. Single men always perceive women as something superhuman, especially when they need to converse with them for the first time.

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And there’s also the other part, the pickup lines are pathetic and they always come with lines of bounce that can turn your first step in a long walk to the guillotine.

As we all know, the first step is the most difficult. We can always dig the brains for the perfect line, but surprisingly, believe it or not, there is no first-line perfect! This is one of those excuses shabby that losers use when they have been abandoned by a hot girl at the bar.

“I knew that I had lost when I used this line. Dude, I will never use never this line. “And then, again and again … I don’t like these guys that describe” the pickup line ” as a great tool to win the beautiful girl. They confuse mortals already confused.

Another bunch of guys that I don’t like are the aspirants. Coming straight from the fire in the deepest part of my belly, I can’t stand the aspirants. These are the guys who are swinging wildly in their arms and jump like kangaroos celebrating, those who give their smile the widest and the hardest when a girl reciprocal the first glance. These guys give a bad reputation to the men, and they should be banished to another world.

These two species of men are there to falsely claim that you can’t attract the attention of a girl with no expressions offensive.

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