How to make a girl kiss you

First kisses are scary. But if you know these 10 steps on How to make a girl kiss you in the excited state, there is no way she will resist you!

A first kiss is never easy.

It is confusing and difficult, and one of those moments that can go in any way.

She could kiss your back.

Or she could move her head away instantly, this is the greatest nightmare of all the guys.

If you want to jump the part frightening, and she embraces you in no time, here’s everything you need.

How to make a girl kiss you

The girls started almost never after the first kiss. So, even if you want a girl to kiss you, you’ll still have to work your magic and make some movements the first.

If you are going out with a girl, it’s always easier to take the plunge.

But if you want to kiss a girl for the first, kissing a girl that attracts you, but you have not yet asked to go out together, you’ll have to go slowly and read the small signs that she gives before you start for a first kiss.

Excite a girl and how she embraces you

Building the sexual chemistry is the best way to warm them up.

Use these ten steps when you are with her and she will be wrapped in your arms within a time limit of one hour!

The best part about using these steps is that you can always go back to the second where it does not respond to any of your movements.

It is safe, and you do you’ll never find yourself in a tricky situation.

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# 1 Get some alone time

If you want a girl to kiss you, you have to build the time. Bring the person to a place or see if you can have a bit of peace and quiet when you are only the both of them. There should be no distractions, be it your cell phone or a stranger walking when the two of you trying to have a moment of comfort. A dimly lit room could certainly work in your favour.

# 2 Do not ask him to kiss you

Even if this may seem the easiest thing and daring-do, this does almost always not. Girls need to feel the sexual tension and excitement before they kiss a guy. Unless you already know she wants to kiss you, don’t ask him that.

# 3 sit very close and flirt sexually

To begin, sit down near it. And finally, find an excuse for you to sit very close to, or to read a book together or to show him something on your phone. Be discreet and not let him know what your intentions are, for the moment.

Not to flirt sexually immediately. Talk about how a good person, she is, for the moment when you’ve seen her, or some memorable events in which both of you have participated. Once you’re warmed up, get personal with your speech. If you’re not going out with her, talk about her relationships, or the last time she was lying down with a guy. If you go out with her, just talk about something, this is not really important.

# 4 Touch now and after

Gently touching his fingers or just playing with her nails. It’s not going to think about that. Compliment his skin or his scent. This is where you build the sexual tension by touching it gently.

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# 5 Don’t laugh or try to be funny

You can be a funny guy, but this is not the time to show your funny bone. It kills the mood. Lower your voice and speak softly. Beware of expressions, and if she warms up to you, you would see that it will come and go, and begin to speak gently, too.

# 6 Keep it in the mood

If she laughs, fools around, or talks about something with enthusiasm to a high degree, it does not warm up certainly to you. Hold her hands and play with his fingers. Join his fingers with yours, and pat his palm or forearm. Even if she is confused about what you are doing, she will start to calm down and indulge in the atmosphere.

# 7 Place a small kiss on his cheek

This is the first difficult step, but it is the one that can open the way for it to embrace you in return. Once you feel she has warmed up to you, talk about your relationship with her. Have a conversation with both of you and tell him that you’re really happy to have known her. And while you say it, gently turn to her and place a quick kiss on his cheek and a smile. She will involuntarily smile. Phew! You’re almost there now.

If you are too scared to kiss his cheek, you can shake his hand and kiss the back of his hand. This is the same effect, only much safer.

# 8 See her reactions

How to respond to your kiss? Is it in the process of blush or does it look shocked? You have just kissed his cheek, so she can’t really hate you for this.

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If she blushes, she loves it! If she looks confused, do not worry, you may be gone too soon. Start to caress its fingers, or play with his hair. And while you keep your hands busy, continue to refer to something that is flirty or even sensual.

# 9 Kiss his cheek

If it has been excited by your kiss, it is time to take the plunge. This time, the kiss on the cheek, but let your lips touch almost his lips. Linger for a few seconds with the kiss.

# 10 Look at his reaction to new

Now that you’re gone a little further. Is she like it? His eyes are closed in on the fun or does it have the googly eyes and looks at you as if you want to violate it?

If she looks confused, kiss his cheek. If she looks offended, step back and pretend as if it was just a kiss friendly. You are still far away, but maybe you’ll have better luck next time.

If she blushes or gets closer to you, kisses her on the lips. You know she likes it, and she really wants it.

Do not break the sexual tension away after the first kiss. Stay close to her lips. If she likes you and wants to kiss you back, she’s certainly going to make a move and kiss you in the back.

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