How to Chat With a Girl on Facebook Before You Ask Her Out

These techniques to chat on a girl on Facebook are not for everyone, so have to use them if you’re comfortable adding girls random on Facebook.

Do you have an account with Facebook?

I guess you do this…

How many women do you choose on Facebook each week then?

I guess … zero.

Hit on a girl on Facebook

Most of the guys with whom I’m talking about all of the days have no idea of the dredge on Facebook. They use it just to add fake friends they have met for 2 minutes at a party lame or a feast of the best friends of their older sister.

Why the hell would you want to be on Facebook if you don’t want to use it to chase after girls?

Do you seriously want to connect with old friends, and write “Oh man, it’s been too long, we should catch up …” on their wall?

Haha, you make me laugh … deactivate your account now!

Ok … I’m joking, obviously having an account on Facebook is not just for hitting on the girls, it is important nowadays to have one too many, many other things … (promoting a business, your personal brand, the connection with family etc).

But listen, dude … you have a tool at your disposal that is so powerful, the CIA uses to perform background checks on people … girls, voluntarily provide information on their profiles that you can use to pack them.

This is crazy.

In this article, I’m going to teach you the secrets of the dredge on Facebook.

Now, this is not a guide to mellow with advice useless that punk was created … all This evidence, the techniques that are given to you in a few simple steps that you can apply today, and start to see results pretty fast.

Before we get into the good things, first, let’s see why you should spend a little more time chatting up girls on Facebook, instead of posting shit on your wall that will never be read.

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Why Facebook is so awesome to chase after girls?

You can talk to multiple girls at once, without ever getting caught. In the real world, you can only focus on one chick at a time.

Once you have mastered the techniques below you can have a new encounter (or even more) every week, if you want to.

You can design your life on Facebook. I speak not to tell lies, I want to say that you can actually social proof with your account so that the hard work is done for you.

The women you approach. It’s true, girls will add you as a friend.

Hit on a girl on Facebook in 6 steps

It is a lot easier than you think.

Good then. Each time you want to approach a girl on Facebook, just follow these steps and you will see things happen as if by magic.

1. Add girls that you think are cute

A no-brainer.

Spend a few hours per week, adding 5 to 10 girls that you think are cute or really hot as a girlfriend. Write an opening line intriguing in the box ” add a message that appears.

If you can’t think of something funny or interesting to say, just forget about the message and add the girl as a friend.

2. Familiarize yourself with the page

Spend 15 minutes on his page, look at his interests, please read these messages on their wall and look at those photos. This will allow you to know who she is, what she is and how she interacts with her friends.

This will give you a better overview of his personality if you can connect with it.

3. Comment on new photos, videos and updates

When she published a photo, a video or an update, please leave a comment here with a message-funny or positive. Not to be negative or too hard.

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Keep doing this for about 3 weeks, she will begin to learn with you.

4. Send the first message

After you have posted a few comments and liked its updates, photos, videos, etc, go ahead and send him a message to create a connection with it.

Be brief, to ask him his opinion on something, so that she can probably answer. Women simply can not resist offering advice, it’s like breathing for them.

5. Login with it

If it meets all of the messages, it means that she loves you … so keep it up. Each message must be short and sweet, but you should do it when trying to connect with her. Try to really understand what she saw, how she feels, and who she really is. Go with this lens and your conversations will be more interesting and connected.

6. Set up a meeting

Never rushing to meet it, you must wait at least after a month and several messages before offering him a meeting. Sometimes, even more, depending on the number of messages you have sent and how it is sensitive.

Tell him, “I’ll see you for a coffee or a nosh party next week …” and then organize the date and time with it.

The best way absolute arrange a meeting is to talk to him on the phone.

Give him your number (don’t ask for one) and say ” Call me later, so that we can meet for a coffee… “.

The second best would be a text or a message on Facebook.

The rules to follow

Make sure that your photos are up to date

Keep them, as in the last two months, so that it is not a shock when you meet it. It is nice to have the former, but hide.

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Delete all the pictures of girls random

If there are photos of vulgar girls in your albums, get rid of them. When another girl looks at it, she will think that you are a guy typical and will simply remove you.

Use social proof

Add pics of you and pretty girls, but in a strategic way … as if you’re in the park, to relax with your friends “girls” or a day somewhere. This is also known as a preset.

NEVER a message cold to a girl … Stupid

If you send 100 messages to be cold, you might get a return, but it would be crazy. Women receive messages that are cold all the time and it never works, so don’t be a dickhead.

Never let the tag in the pictures that can harm your credibility

People will you tag in the photo-funny, as you lay in the gutter after a night out. Make sure that you don’t tag this kind of picture.

Never say that it is pretty or hot she is when she publishes a photo

Women love to post photos online to get a shot of confidence, do not give them satisfaction. Always post a funny comment or not post at all.

Don’t be Mr. funny

Women love guys that are funny, but if you’re always trying to be funny, you can displease fairly quickly. It is important therefore to be funny from time to time but don’t overdo it.


This is how you flirt with a girl on Facebook, dude.

I know that the guys are bitching and complaining about how much time this could take, but far from a minute … you’re not going to approach a girl and get away with it the first day? Exactly, so just relax.

Just follow the steps above, follow the rules and the rest is easy.

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