How to become a good boyfriend – 10 characters that count

While men and women do not think really in the same direction in a relationship, it is quite simple to understand what it takes to keep a happy relationship.

For most men, intimacy is the company’s sexual, while this is simply not the same for the women.

But if you can learn to see the world through the eyes of your girlfriend, you will be able to understand what it really takes to be a good boyfriend.

How to become a good boyfriend

One of the easiest ways to be a great buddy is to understand your partner and put yourself in the shoes of your partner.

But for a more easy way, here are ten tips on how to become a good boyfriend who can help you to make all the difference in your love life.

# 1 treat her like a lady

The buddies are not born good. They become good friends, knowing how to behave with women and the girl they love.

One of the first steps to getting the admiration of a girl you love treat her like a lady.

Learn to be chivalrous and understand what it takes to make her feel special.

It is easy to play the nice guy until you get the girl, and treat her like you if you do not care about it once the hunt is over, but the guys who do it will never be able to hold a great girl who is desired by all the guys.

# 2 The respect as a person

You can’t expect your girlfriend to do it all you want or behaves the way you expect, just because she is your girlfriend. Remember that she is just your girlfriend, you do not have and do not need to wait for her to behave like a trained monkey just because she likes you or because you get some action in the bed with her.

If you want to know how to become a good boyfriend, he needs to learn how to treat your girlfriend with respect and attention to her needs. Do not take his words lightly or ignore his advice simply because she is a “daughter”. If you really love your girlfriend, you must respect it also.

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And if you can’t respect it, it is obvious that this is not love, which is now the relationship as a whole.

# 3 remember the special days

Have you ever forgotten your birthday? Of course, you don’t. You never forget your birthday, because it is a day really special that only comes once a year, right?

Do you not think that your birthday is special too, or maybe the birthday of your girlfriend? It is really pushy when a guy forgets a special occasion, and says that this is not a big deal. If your own special day can be important, why can’t you understand that the women give the same attention to their special days, also? Try to make a conscious effort to understand your girlfriend and remember special days, if it is indeed important to you.

# 4 Be attentive and affectionate

For men, what is important is physical intimacy and sex. For women, sex is just as important, but they appreciate a lot of affection also. As the questions of sex for men, tenderness and cuddles are just as important for women. Show your affection by spending time with you, holding hands, or sitting in the arms of each other while having a conversation.

A big hug and a few kisses affectionate mean more love than getaways sex wild. And it’s going to help your relationship last longer, too.

# 5 Do not take your girlfriend for granted

One of the most important aspects to know how to become a good boyfriend is not taking your girlfriend for granted. If she gives you a foot massage or cooked a delicious meal for you this weekend, just don’t take your girlfriend for granted and expect the same thing every weekend. In a very good relationship, both partners need to understand the efforts of their lovers and realize that every simple gesture is a sign of love and affection that should never be taken for granted.

Never take for granted your girlfriend or take a special gesture for granted. Instead, always learn to be content and grateful for every affectionate gesture unique.

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# 6 Support your girlfriend when she is in need

Each of us needs a helping hand when it is in need. You don’t have to be tacky and become his man Friday, who is there for him to respond to every request for attention and appeal. But when your girlfriend really asks for advice or help, be there to help.

Your games for the weekend or your time with the guys can be important to you, but on rare occasions, your girlfriend asks you for a little help, make sure that you are next to her. It is always reassuring for a girl to know that she can count on her man for a helping hand.

# 7 Learn to apologize

Now, this is not just isolated to his friends, but since he is becoming a good boyfriend, we will stick to the side of the things of man. It can be selfishly painful to apologize, but sometimes it is a generous gesture humble and yet when a man can apologize to his girlfriend, even if he is not the one who is wrong.

In the heat of a discussion, it is easy to be selfish and has temperaments on a high level, but always remember that a simple apology can put an end to the discussion and help both communicate better. At certain times, apologize to your girlfriend, even if it is not your fault for the good of the relationship.

P. S: You can always show your girlfriend that you’re always good when both of you are, having a laugh after a few hours. This will help both of you to sort out your differences without being blinded by anger or ego.

# 8 Listen to its needs

To communicate with and understand his needs and desires. Try to understand the feelings of your girlfriend, and even if she pouts or rattles ever, try to understand what is going on in his mind instead of responding in anger. Sometimes, women may find it easier to sit or throw a tantrum instead of going straight to the point. This is one of the differences in the way men and women respond to pain or anger.

Instead of getting upset about his behaviour, you need to realize that men and women are different in such cases and try to understand its spirit without losing your cool. It’s going to make her feel better, and you’ll have a lot more understanding over time.

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# 9 Don’t try to dominate

Most of the guys tend to dominate their girlfriends. It may start subtly in small ways such as watching a favourite show or tell to the girlfriend to avoid talking to a few special friends. But ultimately, the desire to control a partner grows to a level that is uncontrollable, especially after marriage and even more so if the man is the sole breadwinner of the family.

This is one of the worst ways to try to keep a relationship together. Instead of trying to dominate it, learn to communicate. You can’t lock a lover, or try to manipulate him so that he can become what you want it to be. Love revolves around the attraction between two individuals. If you try to change someone, it is not loved that keeps you all together, this is your insecurity and cowardice.

# 10 Push your girlfriend to be a better person

If you want to know how to become a good boyfriend, this is as good as it is. You know that your girlfriend is better than anyone else, flaws and all. Most guys assume that relation is simply to be happy and in love, and have a great time in bed. But this is not where the love ends.

Help your girlfriend to become a better person and help there to be overcome its defects. When both try to make each other the people of the best quality to overcome the defects of the other, you can get more happiness and life satisfaction. Learn to criticize positively your girlfriend and help him with his faults at the same time. Helping to become a better person, she loves you and respects you a lot more. [Read: what women want in a man]

Always remember that knowing how to become a good boyfriend is easy, as long as you have the patience to look at the world through the eyes of your girlfriend and learn to understand his thoughts and desires.

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