25 Ways to Say I Love You Without Saying I Love You

I love you is a word that is powerful. Some people find it difficult to pronounce the magic word, but so important for a couple. Conversely, others say it too often and these 3 small words lose their meaning. Then it is important to say I love you to the other, there’s there no other way to say… without saying it? In the language of love, not only with the words, you can express your love differently. To help you, this article has listed 25 ways to say I love you without saying I love you. Why do you resemble the most?

#1 The little touches

A small gift or small attention, but nothing expensive, is something very important. This can be just a small flower from the garden, his package of cakes preferred, a book that he or she has wanted to do for several weeks or just a little gadget funny.

#2 The presence

We always think to be, but what is important is the quality time, the time where you are really there, available and attentive. Spend quality moments where there will be a true exchange and sharing. It is this also which shows the other that you love them.

#3 The services rendered

Go pick up a parcel, do some household chores, fill in a paper in its place, in short, help your partner and make him of the services of the daily life in him that make life easier. It is also a way to show others that you love them.

#4 The compliments: one of the ways diverted to say I love you

Small compliments on an outfit, a character trait, or simply on the smile on the alarm clock will show him your love. “You’re beautiful “this dress goes well “I love your smile “, here are a few examples.

#5 The hugs

A little massage, or take her in his arms to say hello to him, a hand on his neck or a little kiss in passing. All these little physical contacts were so important that reveal all the love that one has for the other without speaking.

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#6 looks

The look reflects our emotions and feelings. It has as much, or even more sometimes, important than the words. It is a very powerful way of telling his love. We look at each other and it was just the happiness of being together that spring.

#7 support

Feel that the other is by our sides at each important moment of our lives, every decision or change which affects the daily, that’s also love and one of the most beautiful ways of telling the other that we love.

#8 listening

Communication in the couple is paramount, everyone knows it, but listening is the same. Be attentive to everyday life in the good and in the bad times. It is this that proved to him that you like it.

#9 Consideration: one of the essential ways to say I love you without saying I love you

Feeling considered(e) by the person you love has as much value as the words and ” I love you “. The consideration, the value, these are beautiful proofs of love.

#10 The tenderness

Be tender, demonstrative and touch demonstrate the love that one has for the other. Some people feel more comfortable taking the hand touching the shoulder of their partner, or to him, stroking her hair rather than saying, ” I love you “.

#11 Of surprises

In addition to the small attention that also surprises you can go further by inviting him to a restaurant without telling him or leaving him a little word in his cup in the morning, for example. These are small acts that are sometimes more important than words.

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#12 The words

Who said that we could not use other words to say “I love you” without having to write it ? A cute love message or a letter if you feel inspired, expressing all the love that you have for your partner.

Other ways to say I love you without saying I love you

#13 complicity

Laugh together, understand each other without speaking, feel connected to the other… That is love, there is sometimes no more need for him to prove your love and the strength of your feelings.

#14 sharing

You do not necessarily have the same passions? It is rather a football and you series Netflix? What could be more beautiful than to share his passion and spend time with your partner just to show him the interest and the love you have for her?

#15 admiration

Love is also admiration and pride. By showing your partner that you admire who he/she is and that you’re proud/proud of him/her, you are also going to prove to him and show him your love.

#16 citations: one of the ways poetic to say I love you without saying I love you

It is beautiful, soft and romantic. It is to say “I love you” without saying it. There are a multitude of quotes about love that will pleasure your partner and show what you feel for him/her.

#17 The future

Talking about plans for the future shows that you love her and that you are together and especially that you want to share your life with him/her. Love is often more acts than words.

#18 In a foreign language

Simply! This is not the “I love you” the usual, this is original and cute at the same time. “Ti amo “”Te quiero “”I love you” and many others I love you in all languages! Romantic and pleasant to hear.

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#19 A film scene

It takes a bit of preparation and anticipation, but it is a very beautiful way to say I love you without saying it. “Love actually “, “Dirty Dancing”! Take his favourite film, and especially in the passage favourite and reproduce it.

#20 A personalized card

It is also a focus of the original for him to say ” I love you “. A pretty card with its colours and patterns and preferences, and a cute message inside, and the turn is played.

#21 A song of love: one of the ways romantic to say I love you without saying I love you

A beautiful declaration of love called the song, what is more beautiful? The choice is wide in a variety of French or foreign languages to inspire you and show him how much you love her.

#22 A jar with small words

This is an original idea and will remain full of beautiful memories. Put a little word every day respecting the fact of not writing I love you. Just a small word of love, a little heart on a post-it note or even a cute picture of you two, for example.

#23 video

Make it a little video for you of a few seconds with a pretty smile and a kiss in mime. ‘t need words to tell him that you love him, just a smile and a kiss with the touch of originality with the video.


#24 A poem

A poem out of your imagination, or a well-known author is a beautiful proof of love and a lovely way to say I love you in a roundabout way, romantic, passionate, courteous…

#25 A picture

Do you take a photo, make your most beautiful smile and hold a small sign in your hand with a beautiful message of love for your partner. You show him that you love him without telling him.

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