12 Questions to Ask Yourself before live Together

Settle together under the same roof is an important step for the couple. By crossing this hurdle, it formalizes its commitment and it launches especially in the adventure of life to two days. Revivals, evenings, nights, meals, weekends, and all that this entails obligations, organization and projects. Of course, this does not mean doing everything together and being glued to H24, but it would be a lie to say that living in two not going to change anything in your life, your pace, your habits. Is this the next step in your relationship? Is this project in reflection or in progress? What are the 12 essential questions to ask before you live together? To be sure(e) of your choice, here’s what you should ask before sharing the same address!

12 questions to ask yourself before live together

#1 do you really want it?

Silly question, but it is essential to ask yourself before all else, is your greatest wish to live with your chéri(e)? Do you really want to live under the same roof and to further engage in your couple? In your soul and conscience (and with your heart, of course)?

#2 Is this the right time?

Do you think that the time chosen for you to install all of the two is well-chosen ? Timely, ideal? You see, according to your story, if it is not too early if you do not burn steps. Perhaps, on the contrary, it is time to take this course, to make changes to your couple. So, the verdict?

#3 Is it your personal choice?

I mean, is it your partner that you blew the idea, or who insists? On your side, you’d think even a little bit or not? Make the choice to install a whole, is that it responds to any social pressure or family? Societal well, to tell you that you have to “be like everyone else” ?

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#4 do you really like it? One of the questions to ask before live two

By then, means to love fully, with his qualities, but especially its defects, his habits, his fancies, his phobias… The love that you have for her is strong enough to consider the common life? What annoys you deeply in it or in him, are you able to bear in everyday life without this abyss of your feelings?

#5 You plan with her/him in the future?

Do you share projects of torque common, a vision of the couple and the future that are compatible? If a dream of marriage and a baby and the other travels around the world, if one does not see that through the work and the other by the life of the family… Or even if you are simply unable to imagine yourself in his company in a year, 3 or 5, it may need to review your answers to the previous questions before you make your cartons!

#6 do you Imagine daily life in the same way?

Are you dreaming of you snuggling in his arms every night, having breakfast in bed, cuddling under the duvet, parties, lounging on the couch… this is certainly what dreams are made of, but this is not what the daily life of a couple. If you are a homebody and the other is a partier, if you imagine the life of diners shared so that it is all the time in afterwork. Or if you are to bed early and your partner couche-tard… so Many things, which, put end-to-end daily, may highlight your incompatibilities rather than your common points.

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#7 Have you referred to the practical questions?

And that is the daily concrete, you know these famous practical questions to which there is no escape. These topics represent the causes of disputes couple of the most common, so make sure to be quick to agree on this. So how do you see the task-sharing housework, meals, shopping? Do you have the same tastes in decoration? Y a-t-il a rather manic and the other messy?

#8-And the money? One of the questions to ask before live two

It’s a sensitive issue for some people, who therefore deserve to be set before even moving in together. How will you deal with the common expenses? Have you planned to open a joint account? One will he pay the rent and other expenses, and races, for example? If this question seems misplaced for many, it is really worth to be asked and adjusting so that you are ready to go on a sound foundation and serene.

#9 Your rhythms of life are they compatible?

We can very well live together and not have exactly the same rhythm of life. Many couples live in offbeat including the week because of work schedules, night, in 3/8 and the weekend also. This does not prevent a couple to operate. But for this, it is necessary to find his rhythm and above all to make it compatible with the rest. Your sleep pattern, your personal activities such as sports, outings sacred among friends or girlfriends on Friday night…The goal is to find quality time for you and your spouse under the same roof.

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#10 are you afraid of the routine?

Do you distress by the idea of you settling into a routine daily or, on the contrary, does it assures you there? If you want to share all the little things of life for two, then all is well. If, on the contrary, the routine terrifies you, you do everything possible so that it does not become bored and to put the spice into your married life.

#11 Are you ready to make concessions and compromise?

Who said married life, said necessarily concessions and compromise. Even if you have many points in common, and tastes shared, that you argue a little, not everything can be perfectly smooth. And it is so much the better, otherwise, what a bore! Your partner has to have a character trait, a habit, a taste for something specific that is bothering you or that you do not like. You know to put things on the small things important to maintain a good understanding between you.

#12 And accountable? One of the basic questions to ask yourself before live two

Unless you have chosen to be a couple totally free, or live in a shared, living in a couple assumes certain rules of life. Not constraints, rather, of the obligations which seem to be logical; otherwise, what’s the good of living together? So do you agree with the idea to tell your partner if you come home later than intended, where you are, when you go out, etc? It is not to not have life in you, or a secret garden, but to make accounts so that one does not have to wait for another in vain for you…

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